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Bringing the Ocean into Schools…and Schools to the Ocean!


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Seaquaria Ocean Education was created as Seaquaria-in-Schools in 1995 by Yogi and Cathy Carolsfeld. Seaquaria Ocean Education is a British Columbia-based environmental education program that fosters science and environmental learning through children’s hands on experiences with marine organisms in a school setting, the supply of a chilled seawater aquarium, and the provision of a variety of local, live marine organisms. The program also includes Seaquaria-led programming with schools that offer the Seaquaria experience to schools that do not have a tank. As students observe and care for these model ecosystems and participate in hands-on learning activities, they can build an understanding and respect for the organisms and develop integrated stewardship skills. In the process, we hope that this program foster a passion for emotional learning and critical thinking.



Our vision is a caring and respectful society which stewards the environment holistically, and in a biologically and socially sustainable manner.



Our mission is create stewards of tomorrow who are environmentally and socially conscious.



1. Provide the tools to make youth more thoughtful, engaged, and active in their community.

2. Promote alternative education organized around the theme of nature.

3. Build a community of empathetic people who are connected to their environment and aware of the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.



 1. Seaquaria tanks in schools.

We have placed over 40 permanent saltwater aquaria in schools and community centres across British Columbia to bring captivating, ever-changing marine ecosystems into students’ everyday lives.


As students care for these ecosystems and participate in hands-on activities and curriculum-linked programming, they build an understanding and respect for the organisms, develop strong stewardship skills, and become critical thinkers. They also become educators themselves when they talk to their parents, siblings and friends about their discoveries in the Seaquarium.


Interested in getting a tank in your school? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



2. Seaquaria-led nature education programs.

Our nature-based programs take place in the classroom, at our nature house, and at local beaches. Designed to fit the 2016 Science Curriculum, our programs promotes emotional learning while teaching youth about local flora and fauna, the interconnectivity of our waterways, biological sampling techniques, and alternative approaches to viewing the natural world.


Check out our full list of programs here.



3. Workshops and resources for educators.

We run regular pro-D day workshops and small working groups with local teachers to enhance educator’s ability to connect place-based nature education to the curriculum.


We have developed a series of teacher resources and lesson plans that connect Seaquaria learning to the classroom. 



4. Providing platforms for schools and community members to connect and network around the theme of environmental awareness and social stewardship.

We created the Eco Learning Hive in 2011 to connect teachers to the amazing nature education resources in their community. Highlights of the site include an interactive map of education programs offered, teacher resources, and upcoming nature-focused community events.


5. Offer research and early career opportunities in the environmental and education sectors for students and youth.

Seaquaria offers a robust volunteer and career development program for early career scientists and educators. Members of our team have gone on to become government researchers, policy makers, science teachers, and environmental professionals.


Visit our get involved page to learn about career and volunteer opportunities.







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