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Sponsorship Opportunities


As a World Fisheries Trust Sponsor, you can choose the sponsorship option that best suits your interest, or allow us to match your doncation to an area of greatest need. Sponsors will be recognized on display material at the Nature House and on our online platforms.

If you would like to support the Gorge Waterway Nature House, please contact us at 778-430-7585 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All donations are tax deductible.


The Gorge Waterway Nature House, located in Esquimalt Gorge Park, is a joint initiative of World Fisheries Trust (WFT) and the Gorge Waterway Action Society (GWAS). Our shared vision is to promote the preservation and enhancement of this important urban waterway through various community‐based educational programs and research projects. Our public education programs and stewardship initiatives are offered in and around the Nature House, which is a uniquely accessible, interactive, and friendly environmentI Thousands of visitors are welcomed each year to learn about the rich cultural and natural history of the Gorge Waterway and become involved in a wide variety of community stewardship opportunities.

Our educational programs and research initiatives have done much to increase awareness about this health and well‐being of the Gorge. They also provide our young volunteers with leadership skills that they use to promote these values in their own communities ‐ the kind of young people we need in the 21st Century! We depend largely on community grants, dedicated volunteers, donations, and sponsorships to keep our doors open. However, our revenue falls short of the cost of meeting increased demands for our programs. Your donation can help shrink this gap!

Sponsorship Options 

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Materials & Infastructure ‐ $20+ ($ or in‐kind)

We are always in need of small consumables to keep our displays updated and programs running. Everything from books and microscopes, to fans, awnings and construction services are welcome!

Class Program ‐ $100‐200

We try not to decline any group due to financial challenges. You can help by sponsoring a class that would otherwise miss an opportunity for an active and engaging learning experience!


Educational Displays - $200-500

Our interactive displays are well used, and often need to be repaired and refreshed. We also have a "wish list" of new displays that highlight the many unique features of the Gorge.

Volunteer Educator ‐ $500‐1,000

Many of our volunteers are post‐secondary students on a shoestring budget. They help with a variety of tasks, and we would be lost without them! Help us help them by offering small honouraria to this dedicated team as they offer their time and enthusiasm to teach others.

Sponsor the Nature House for a Season ‐ $1,000‐5,000+

 We need your help in keeping our doors open all year round! This donation will allow thousands of visitors to explore and develop a better understanding of their local environment to create a generation of healthy young minds. Your help is invaluable! 



The heart of the Seaquaria in Schools program is a “Seaquarium” – a user-friendly saltwater aquarium lled with local marine life. Each Seaquarium is permanently installed and is cared for by students. It draws youth into hands-on learning that meets grade K to 12 learning objectives in most subjects. Children and teachers get up close and personal with a micro-ecosystem from their own local shores. This expands their understanding and appreciation of our natural world and builds important life, learning, and research skills. These are life-changing opportunities for students of all kinds and is particularly relevant to coastal BC students.

Seaquaria in Schools depends on partner organizations, Parent Advisory Committees, and private sponsors like you to bring our educational programs to classes. These hands-on and active learning opportunities are needed for students to build meaningful connections with their natural world. Unfortunately, due to the financial and resource limitations in our local schools, these opportunities are far too infrequent. A sponsorship can go towards maintenance of the Seaquarium saltwater system, trips to local beaches, and unique programs for classes and schools.

Sponsorship Options

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Annual school Seaquarium sponsorship - $1400

This is the annual cost for a school to host a Seaquarium in their school. This includes set-up/take-down, initial stocking, routine maintenance, and an  introductory program for participating students.

School-wide program - $500

Sponsor a school and they will receive a schoolwide Seaquaria in Schools program. This includes two full days of hands-on curriculum-relevant lessons led by local marine biologists.

Beach AND classroom program - $250

Combinining a classroom lesson with a field trip to the beach is an exciting way to fulll curriculum objectives.

Beach OR classroom - $150

These single lessons are adapted to meet the needs and interests of each class.