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WFT and Asociación Faunagua are working together to address food security in Bolivia's Amazon through better-managed fisheries and small-scale aquaculture.


Past international projects- South America

Amazon Fish, Amazon People (2011)

An international exchange of experiences in artisanal fisheries and small-scale aquaculture involving specialists from Brazil, Bolivia and Canada.

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Gente da Maré (People of the Tides) Project (2008-2011)

This project promoted equity and citizenship through the development of sustainably managed coastal resources in traditional communities of the northeast coast of Brazil - some of the most disadvantaged in the country.

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Brazil Inland Fisheries: Sustainable Livelihoods and Conservation (2003-2007)

This project places greater emphasis on the social side of Brazilian inland fisheries, including community-based management. Focusing on the northeast and central-west portions of the country, its overall aim is to create and implement a model for sustainable socio-environmental river management.

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Migratory Fishes of South America: Biology, Fisheries and Conservation Status (2003)

This book represents the first collection of the work of local scientific experts on fish species that migrate within the great rivers of South America.bolivia book

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Brazil Migratory Fish Conservation (1999-2001)

A three-year project to promote the conservation and awareness of migratory fish species in four major river basins in Brazil, with the aim of ensuring the preservation - and thus permitting the utilization - of native Brazilian fish genetic diversity.

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Past international projects- Global

Global Citizenship in Fisheries and Aquaculture (2008)

This project informs and engages Canadian middle school students on fisheries and aquaculture in select developing countries, how these relate to everyday life in these countries, and how Canadian activities are contributing to Millennium Development Goals through these activities.

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5th International Fisheries Observer Conference (2007)

This conference brought together broad representation from the international fisheries community to address key issues concerning fisheries observer programs, emerging fisheries monitoring technologies, and other approaches for fishery dependent data collection.

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Aquatic Resources and Development (2004-2007)

This project allows a format for fresh thinking in this area of sustainable use of aquatic biodiversity, and encompasses several novel initiatives with new approaches to the task of bringing aquatic biodiversity issues into our culture, society, and policies.

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Expert Workshop on Comparative Environmental Costs of Aquaculture (2006)

WFT convened an international workshop to bring together international experts on aquaculture development, ecology, environmental economics, and environmental impact and energy analysis to discuss a variety environmental accounting systems.

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Expert Workshop on Status and Trends in Aquatic Genetic Resources (2006)

This workshop brought together a small group of internationally recognized

experts in the fields of aquaculture, capture fisheries, molecular genetics, international development, and aquatic conservation.

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Blue Gold: Access to Aquatic Genetic Resources in Indigenous and Local Communities (2003)

This book documents the results of a three-year study during which WFT worked with communities around the world to gather experiences with fish genetic resources, provide information on the issues, and help communities create their own policies for access to fish genetic resources in their area.

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Biodiversity Effects of Mariculture (2002)

WFT prepared a review paper on the biodiversity effects of mariculture - the farming and husbandry of marine plants and animals in brackishwater or marine environments - for the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Mariculture.

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The Blue Millennium Project: Managing Fisheries for Biodiversity (2001)

WFT surveyed progress in 52 countries on dealing with fisheries issues in biodiversity planning; prepared a "Fisheries Primer" for planners, and convened an international workshop on fisheries and biodiversity.

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Action Before Extinction: an International Workshop on Fish Genetic Conservation (1998)

WFT brought together representatives of fish genetic conservation programs around the world to discuss techniques and policies.

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Revised Program of Work on Inland Water (2002)

Review documents and case studies for COP 8. Funded by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Development of an Aquatic Animal Diversity Information and Communication System (2000)

Funded by FAO of the United Nations.

The Impact of Dams on Fish, Fisheries and the Environment (1999-2000)

Technical review and bibliographic database. Funded by FAO of the United Nations.

Model Policy on Aquatic Genetic Resources (1998-2002)

Funded by the International Development Research Centre.