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Care of the Gorge Program

A dynamic water quality-monitoring program on the Gorge Waterway that enables students to learn about their local watershed through hands-on activities and technology.

At the beach-usedThe program focuses on the marine and freshwater ecosystems of the Gorge Waterway and Portage Inlet, helping high school and middle school students identify problems facing this heavily impacted urban watercourse and learning ways these can be mitigated. Students are supported by biologists from the Gorge Waterway Nature House and students from Camosun College Environmental Technology Program.

Program participants learn to actively monitor the water quality and aquatic life in Gorge Creek and at several sites around the Gorge and Portage Inlet. They have the opportunity to learn techniques and use instruments that field biologists use to conduct environmental monitoring.

Students will analyze the data they and others in the program have collected, and look for trends over time. They can use this information to make predictions about seasonal trends, and recommendations about ways to improve the health of their urban watersheds. Repeat visits are recommended for students to make observations and record data over a period of time.