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Being Socially and Environmentally Responsible

Socio-environmental responsibility takes impacts on stakeholders and the environment into account when making business decisions.

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Corporations have responsibilities to stakeholders that share the same resource or environment. Many resource industries meet this responsibility to communities through charitable donations. Socio-environmental responsibility goes even further, and maintaining profit margins while reducing environmental footprints is a challenge for any business.

How we help

One successful method is the use of economic incentives instead of relying on regulation alone. Better dialogue between business and communities, using a common interest approach for problem solving, has also worked, and we encourage it in all our programs.

While the balance between social and environmental issues depends on the project, we try to make all projects locally relevant, with adaptive, results-based management.

We encourage socio-environmental responsibility by:

  • Targeting appropriately: resource industry, aquaculture, agriculture and sewage treatment
  • Making the economic argument: triple bottom line (people, planet, profit)
  • Taking a social approach: common interest with community and activists
  • Promoting incentives: carbon credits