Helping to create thriving communities and healthy environments

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Working With Communities

Technology alone cannot save biodiversity. Ultimately, it is people - communities - that will see the process through.  ibia des com 10

Working well with communities on all WFT projects – at home and abroad - is crucial for one simple reason: we want our projects, even the technical ones, to be sustainable.

How we help

WFT's fisheries projects stress co-management, economic development, added value and livelihood alternatives. Our goal is to involve communities in stock assessment, fisheries monitoring, habitat improvement, environmental monitoring and stewardship.

Our Canadian and international community-based work involves:

  • Empowerment (being inclusive)
  • Providing technical training
  • Building teams and balancing power
  • Helping people manage conflict through recognition of "common interests"
  • Building self-esteem
  • Eliminating gender bias
  • Involving young people
  • Making links between institutions and sectors
  • Getting people engaged in environmental stewardship