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Our Board of Directors

David AndersonHon. David Anderson, P.C., L.L.D. (President)

David Anderson was born in Victoria, British Columbia. He received an Olympic silver medal in rowing, and served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. David served many years in Canadian government as an MP, during which he filled many posts including Minister of Environment (1999 - 2004) and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans (1997 - 1999). He was a key player in developing the Kyoto Protocols, amongst numerous key decisions and agreements. David has also worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria and as an environmental consultant.

David’s decades of dedication to preserving Canadian landscapes and resources, both on land and offshore, continue today from his home on Vancouver Island. In 2007 he took on the role of Director for the Guelph Institute for the Environment (University of Guelph), linking researchers, communities, and policy makers in order to address 21st century environmental problems. David is president of World Fisheries Trust.

Read the transcript of a 2007 speech by David to the Aquaculture Association of Canada: "Developing Policy and Planning for Aquatic Resource Usage".

John FraserHon. John A. Fraser, P.C., O.C., O.B.C., C.D., Q.C., LL.D. (Hon.)_ (Chair)

John Fraser was born in Yokohama, Japan and raised in Vancouver. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1954 and practised law until his election to the House of Commons in 1972. During his 21 years in Parliament, he served in key positions, including Minister for the Environment and Minister of Fisheries. He was the first person to have been elected Speaker of the House of Commons by his peers, a practice instituted in 1986.

In 1994, John was selected to head the Fraser River Sockeye Public Review Board investigating the salmon fishery. He was subsequently Canada's Ambassador for the Environment, responsible for Canadian follow-up to commitments made at the United Nations Rio Conference on Environment and Development. He has chaired the Minister's Monitoring Committee on Change in the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces, and currently chairs the Parliamentary Precinct Oversight Advisory Committee.  

From September 1998, John chaired the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council, until his appointment in April 2005 to chair the BC Pacific Salmon Forum. He is a Queen's Counsel, an officer of the Order of Canada and a member of the Order of British Columbia and he holds the Canadian Forces Decoration. John was awarded honorary Doctor of Laws degrees for his contributions to environmental causes by Simon Fraser University and St. Lawrence University in 1999 and by the University of British Columbia in 2004.

Read the transcript of a 2006 speech by John to the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice: "Sustainability, Globalization and the Rule of Law".

Ann DaleAnn Dale, Ph.D. 

Ann Dale is a Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development at Royal Roads University. She chairs the Canadian Consortium for Sustainable Development Research (CCSDR), a consortium of all the heads of research institutes across Canada, and is active in the Canadian environmental movement. Ann also founded and chairs the National Environmental Treasure (the NET) and is the Executive Coordinator, Research and Public Policy for the Canadian Biodiversity Institute.  

From 1998-2000, she led an energy efficiency program on behalf of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. Previously, she was an Executive with the Federal Government, and was one of the two public servants behind the creation of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE). She is a member of the Working Party on Biotechnology, Sustainable Development and the Future of Canada's Economy, and is a Trudeau Fellow, as well as a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Sciences.  

Ann holds degrees in psychology and public administration from Carleton University, and a doctorate in Natural Resources Sciences from McGill University. Current research areas include governance, social capital and sustainable community development, biodiversity policy, and deliberative electronic dialogues. Her book, ‘At the Edge: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century’, received the 2001 Policy Research Initiative Award for Outstanding Research Contribution to Public Policy. 

She is also the winner of the Paz Buttedahl Distinguished Career Achievement Award from CUFA for 2014.


Janice Matthews

Janice has been involved in Seaquaria in Schools since its inception. As a teacher and principal she has introduced the program at numerous venues, and she has seen first hand its positive impact on children, adults and the community.  Since her retirement she has been involved in a variety of community associations and not for profit organizations. 


Julian Munson

Julian Munson was born in Victoria, but spent his early childhood in the scenic sea-side community of Bamfield, British Columbia, where he developed an appreciation for marine life. After passing the CPA/CA professional exams, he has been a consultant for large private practice accounting firms and held senior roles in the Provincial government. He holds a degree in commerce from University of Victoria and a graduate degree in professional accounting from University of Saskatchewan. Most recently, he has developed strategically aligned budgets for newly reorganized government entities, managed capital portfolios valued over 0.25 billion CAD, and implemented financial reporting process improvements saving government considerable time and money. 


Henry Lorimer Frew BA, CBA, MLitt, FRGS, FZSL

Henry, a dual British-Canadian citizen, is the CEO of Victoria-based Carrick House Group –speclialising in geographical and business consulting with a focus on Ocean and Coastal Zone management and Parks and Tourism.  He is a .Mentor at the Gustafson School of Business, University of Victoria since 2009 and with the Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE) since 2012.  Helped lead Carrick House Services, a well known publisher of outdoor recreational material -1977-2003.


Jamie Alley

Jamie Alley is a natural resource and environmental management specialist with over 35 years’ experience in a broad range of senior management positions.  After a career in the government of British Columbia, including positions as Secretary to Cabinet for Environment and Land Use, and Director of Oceans and Marine Fisheries, Jamie now serves as a university instructor in under-graduate and graduate programs in coastal and marine resource management in Canada and Iceland. In addition to his teaching, Jamie also operates a natural resource management consulting firm based in Victoria, BC with particular expertise in oceans and coastal resource management, freshwater and marine fisheries, and natural resource governance mechanisms. Jamie is a geographer by training and has degrees from Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria.